Soundproofing solutions

Soundproofing solutions

  • Sound enclosures
  • Soundproofing panels
  • Soundproofing partition wall systems (mobile or fixed Version)
  • Sound absorber

Soundproofing/Noise insulation

Soundproofing and noise insulation solutions strive for minimizing sound emissions and protecting the environment against increased sound exposure. The initial situation (noise level, procedural influences) is always individual. Therefore, soundproofing and noise insulation solutions are always individual and are customized to the individual requirements. If the technical and economically optimal solution requires a sound measurement, this will be executed at the customer’s. The scope of works includes the development of the optimal solution and the production as well as the delivery and assembly.

Advantages by the implementation of soundproofing measurements

  • improved productivity and safety
  • increased employee satisfaction
  • improves the attention and concentration
  • less hearing protection is neccessary

Additional equipment

  • soundproofing gates
  • soundproofing doors
  • soundproofing windows
  • electrical components, lightening, ventilation
  • steel substructures
  • individual surfaces
Soundproofing capsule
Soundproofing capsule
Soundproofing door and acoutic panels
Soundproofing partition wall system for welding booths
Soundproofing partition wall system for office workplaces
Soundproofing capsule
Soundproofing door
Soundproofing capsule
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